The Long Drive

Blake'sOrion     December twilight, and a waxing moon looks over my shoulder bored with another obligatory ode. But tonight I’ve got a date with Orion; its a long drive, but he’s got a cool dog and a fine bow––he lost that silly club years ago.                               When we’re done with Taurus––I owe him that––we’ll rove the starry woods, provoke the coyotes to howl, stalk the Great Bear then settle an old score with silver-tongue––Draco will be expecting us since he’s got something of ours.

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  1. waiting to see more on the Draco score. Merry Solstice ! I think of you every morning in my Archers Pose and throughout the day as in my praxis of being now here & letting go dealing with daily dilemmas. Thank you for all your sage advice. danny

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