Shire’s Guild

The Shire’s Guild now proudly offers arrow-smithing services and an expanding range of protective and storing leatherwork.

All equipment is handmade and/or assembled at the Shire, please contact to place an order.


Port Orford Cedar Shaft Arrows

Fresh Nowhere Arrows with Cresting

$75.00 – 1/2 Dozen Arrows

$150.00 – Dozen Arrows

$200.00 – Dozen Arrows w/ Cresting

Arrow Order Gift Cards Available.


One of a kind Shire made Quivers for sale.

Black Walnut:

20″ Shoulder Quiver

LH or RH; Fits all sizes.
Hand-stitched upper lining.
Brown Deer Lace bottom and backing.
Nickel Hardware.

$100 $50

Wrist Guard

One of a kind wrist guard hand made at the Shire.