A friendship stands and a river flows before Nowhere Archery.  While Canoeing lonely stretches of the Oconee River Forks and walking the story-telling landscapes––disclosing secrets to the curious mind and insightful heart––a friendship grew and prospered in the course of these woodland ventures.  When a long dormant bow that spanned above a doorway exit was restrung, an old art was revitalized and new arrows with alacrity flew over broad meadows and through oaky woods.  It was along an enchanted shoal of the Apalachee River, where the quintessence is “weaving” water and stone, that inspiration for this praxis was found.

Jonathan Hart & Steven Scurry organized Nowhere Archery in the Winter of 2013.

usEducated in and inspired by the practice of traditional archery, their goal remains to share the wonders of this ancient art with insight and respect.  In tandem with lessons on the range, they foster a deep & abiding regard for the land.  The school constitutes part of a vision to support a more comprehensive approach to life on range and off.

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  1. Hey Steve
    Sounds like a great program you and Jonathan have developed. I last saw Mark at his Augusta book signing. Talked to Ham Kimzey today and he asked about you. Let’s catch up. Bill

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