Friendship stands and a river flows before Nowhere Archery.  While Canoeing lonely stretches of the Oconee Forks and walking forgotten landscapes informed and strengthened a growing friendship, these ventures also introduced us to a story-telling country, disclosing secrets to the curious mind and insightful heart.  When a long dormant bow that spanned above a doorway exit was restrung, an old art was revitalized and new arrows flew over broad meadows and through oaky woods.  It was along an enchanted shoal of the Apalachee River, where the quintessence is “weaving” water and stone, that inspiration for the praxis was found.

Jonathan and Steven began Nowhere Archery in 2013; a field school dedicated to learning, teaching, promoting and perfecting the art of archery.  The school constitutes part of their vision of supporting a more comprehensive and insightful approach to life on the range and off.

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