Advanced Archer

real◊ Drawing on our Form, Rhythm & Mark school of Archery, we offer a series of refinement clinics, each bringing into focus one of these central currents. The 2-hour classes are regularly held on Saturdays, but individual instruction can also be scheduled at other times. For traditional archers hailing from other schools, we want to extend an invitation to you, trusting that cross-pollination in the art can be a healthy experience for one and all. Bring your own gear, or borrow ours for a voluntary user’s fee.  See our Calendar for upcoming classes.
Each 2-hour course is 45$.  Online payment below, or check/cash at class time.

The following touchstones are applied to particular classes:

♦ Green 1

The arrow of the solar year is lifted to the high anchor point of summer, while the archer balances her gaze on the mark at the far blue edge of the range.  Tension is apparent, but she knows a stillness from which, and to which, the solar arrow flies.  Even now, the thumb-stall opens and the bowstring cuts the warm air.

What William Tells of Cupid’s Arrow advances the archer’s game. 

Poise and balance are the parameters of our first advanced course in archery.  Students will be introduced to methods designed to activate a more global sense of their form.

♦ Blue 2

The intimacies of rhythm and the mysteries of the Range form the harmonics of this 2-hour course.  A “solvent” is applied to clear some of the deeper barriers to the art.

♦ Red 3 RoverRun

Anchorpoint to Mark, hand to eye, the unitive interplay is Art’s domain. Eyesight to insight, insight to I, in this clinic we’ll explore the force of intension, and the spontaneous nature of living archery.







Advanced Archery Class

Each 2-hour class can be taken sequentially or not. See calendar for offerings, or contact us for a color request.


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