Nowhere Archery

Greetings from Nowhere Archery.                                                                                      First frost arrived this morning, and inspired in me a little celebration.  Striding across the frosty grass of the Sky Range, I pushed my face into the tiny crystals, relishing the nip of autumn melting into trembling drops of water that clung to my skin.  Buck sign is everywhere; I watched one with a crown of nine, lift his antlers up into the low hanging limb of a Chestnut, before dropping to hoof the cold ground.  Nearby, a Turkey was playing a long game of chase with a Crow.  The larger bird would charge; the Crow would wing into a short jaunt, just out of reach.  Turkey seemed mildly irritated, while Crow appeared to enjoy the occasion.  Our ranges stay busy this time of year, but when the arrows are not flying, they’re Stomp Grounds for our wild neighbors.

Welcome to Nowhere Archery.  Tour the site for some perspective regarding our approach to the art, then see the calendar for upcoming courses.  If you’re new to the art, you can be confident that we’ll have a bow strung for you.  Our next regular adult course for new archers will begin on Sunday afternoon, December 3rd.  On Saturday December 16, we’ll hold a two hour clinic for advanced archers which will engage the imagination as much as the form.  The same could be said for our Young Archer’s clinic offered students with experience in archery.  This two and 1/2 hour clinic will be on Saturday, December 9th. Family and group courses are arranged upon request.  Young, old or wherever you find yourself in the spectrum of age, if you care to learn the art, we’ll reserve a place on the range for you.  Calendar
Jonathan and I hope to see you here soon.

newscanWe’re looking forward to meeting new archers and advancing our project in a broader spectrum of options.  Advancing students can expect new adventures on range and off, with a planned field trip or two.  You’re invited to share your personal encounters with the art, and perhaps offer some ‘riddlespeak’ as a challenge to hone our Aim.  ‘The story will unfold between anchor point and mark.’
Thanks are due to our young friends at Double Helix School, who’ve offered time and a range there to share with them the mystique of archery.

If you’re just learning of us and would like to visit, we encourage it.  Contact us to arrange a time.  If you have any questions not addressed by our site, please do not hesitate to call or email; we’re always ready to field questions concerning our work here.


Steven and Jonathan

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Another day hunting the metaphorical Hart…











*Note the fine form…

This archer knows the secret of Rhythm.


3 Responses to Nowhere Archery

  1. Ahhh, reality put to pen. I am blessed to have witnessed this amazing Spring with you all! I have truly enjoyed being your learner. Deep bow of gratitude to the Hunnicutt family for having so lovingly preserved the land and to you both for sharing your gifts and continuing the stewardship!

  2. Bill Scurry says:

    An amazing experience

  3. Tim Rodgers says:

    My son just completed the beginners course I was very impressed with Steven and Jonathon’s method of teaching archery. If anyone is interested in getting started in archery this is the place to come.

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