Nowhere Archery


Welcome to Nowhere Archery.  Please tour the site for some perspective on our approach to the art including our method of instruction; note the course offerings then refer to the calendar for scheduling.  If you’re new to the art, you can be confident that we’ll have a good bow strung for you.


Our Spring Archery Tournament was a great success and we were honored to send the Chosen Arrow and the Rover’s Shield home with 2 very worthy young archers.  While our adult programs were curtailed this summer, the Fall season is coming up––new courses & ongoing events.  If you have some special requests regarding our offerings, please let us know.  If you’re interested, we have course certificates for gifting:  Trading Post & archery gear to take pride in:  Shire’s Guild.



Draco has raised his stellar head over the evening sky, while Whip-or-wills hurl haunting voices into the dark––we came here for this.  Green Anoles, our small Shire Dragons, patrol for food and combative love––as is their way––while Dragonflies scout the spring air.  Hawk Red-Shoulder has chicks to feed, Pileated Woodpecker has found a new drum and Yellow-Billed Coo-Coo is beside himself waiting for the Catalpa tree to bear its parasitic fruit––the crawling kind.  May ripens with the Mulberry, a fruit that gets all the attention.    Come and see; taste for yourself.


We were blown away with the good fortune of having 3 generations of female archers in one March class as well as a potent sisterhood of elders––girl-power on the Spring range! Our April beginner’s course starts on the 28th; our May course on the 26th. Its a transformative time to be on the archer’s Green, even in––perhaps especially in––your Wellington Boots.

Looking ahead to the summer, we’re hosting 2 youth camps for ages 9 to 15.  Archery centered, but embracing a full spectrum of adventurous activity, we’re confident that these archers & campers will get a full measure of the summertime wonders of the Shire.  For details: Camp Nowhere.  Stay in touch for upcoming events and advanced courses. Email or call for details, course requests and other inquiries: Contact

As always, family and group courses can be arranged upon request, while private lessons can be scheduled to suit both interest and experience.  Young, old or wherever you fall in the spectrum of age or ability, if you’re inclined to bend-a-bow, we’ll reserve a place on the range for you.

♦◊♦  As many of our archery students know,FixingElements we teach in partnership with the land which is beloved to us; its a comprehensive and dynamic presence which informs our class time in surprising and profound ways.  The reality of this place, this circumstance, has moved Jonathan and me to offer our younger students an immersive after-school course in Roving Archery and land studies––a nexus of eyesight and insight, hand and heart, inspiration and art––a wintertime springboard into the Beloved Land.  Follow the link for details and feel free to contact us for more information:   WinterRovers.

Jonathan and I hope to see you here very soon.

Endless gratitude extends to our young friends at Double Helix School, who’ve offered insightful time and their own beloved range to explore the wonders and mystique of archery––Rovers each and all! Rovers: A Tribute

If you’re just learning of us and would like to visit, we encourage it.  Contact us to arrange a time.  If you have any questions not addressed by our site, please do not hesitate to call or email; we’re always ready to field questions concerning our work here.


Steven and Jonathan

Another day hunting the metaphorical Hart…