Nowhere Archery

Welcome to Nowhere Archery.

>>> In following with CDC and Athens-Clarke County guidelines, we are happy to announce that we are open for business – providing a safe, outdoor educational experience amidst the uncertainty brought upon by COVID-19.

We are currently updating the website in preparation for fall activities in light of the new landscape we are all navigating. If you are interested in lessons or upcoming events during the fall email us at Thank you for your patience as we prepare for the shape-shifting future. <<<

♦◊♦ Thank you to all our families and friends who helped make our summer camp, Camp Nowhere, a safe, joyful experience. May everyone stay healthy and find peace in this time. ♦◊♦

Please tour our site for insights regarding our approach to the art, including our method of instruction; note upcoming course offerings, then refer to the calendar for scheduling.  If you’re new to the art, you can be confident that we’ll have a good bow strung for you.

We offer adult and youth courses throughout the year, tournaments & ongoing events here at the Shire.  Still, archery is a vast domain and if you’re inspired by a particular interest or would like to make a request of us, please don’t hesitate to let us know––we are students foremost and never tire of learning even as we teach.

Winter into Spring, riots of green, while sunlight falls as rain…  Noketchee Creek runs so high that the beavers have left off their winter-long dam project.  The range is emerald green, anticipating an archery rendezvous on the far side of our viral troubles.  Be safe and kind; see you in the Green.         


After-School Archery is a wonderful time for young students to learn the art, while encountering the wonders of the beloved land. For beginners monthly weekend courses have resumed and advanced archery clinics are ongoing; look for them on our calendar page.

Upcoming Archery Camps both here and in the Georgia mountains are scheduled for warmer days; email or call for details.  We welcome inquires regarding group courses and private lessons to suit interest and experience: Contact

Young, old or wherever you fall in the spectrum of age or ability, if you’re inclined to bend-a-bow, we’ll reserve a place on the range for you.


♦◊♦  As many of our archery students know, we teach in partnership with the land which is beloved to us; its a comprehensive and dynamic presence which informs our class time in surprising and profound ways. The reality of this place, this circumstance, has moved Jonathan and me to offer our younger students an immersive after-school course in Roving Archery and land studies––a nexus of eyesight and insight, hand and heart, inspiration and art––a wintertime springboard into the Beloved Land.Follow the link for details and feel free to contact us for more information:WinterRovers.

Jonathan and I hope to see you here very soon.

Endless gratitude extends to our young friends at Double Helix School, who’ve offered insightful time and their own beloved range to explore the wonders and mystique of archery––Rovers each and all! Rovers: A Tribute

If you’re just learning of us and would like to visit, we encourage it.  Contact us to arrange a time.  If you have any questions not addressed by our site, please do not hesitate to call or email; we’re always ready to field questions concerning our work here.


Steven and Jonathan

Another day hunting the metaphorical Hart…