Nowhere Archery

Greetings from Nowhere Archery,

The solar arrow of the crescent moon is hidden from view, but evident in her unwavering orientation––wane to wax. The sky range is variable, but the “mark of aim” remains the same.
Bound for Equinox, the high sun season is running down, and early signs of Autumn here, seen, heard, breathed and tasted. But for the great Chestnut that grows in the pear orchard, we might forget that the old name for the coming month is the Little Chestnut Moon. Ours is an old world variety, brought here following the sad loss of our own in-kind native. Large seed husks swell between serrated leaves, appearing like countless green sea urchins clinging to a tree of a coral. Impatient squirrels are sampling the harvest, while the deer will wait for the ripening fall.
Welcome to Nowhere Archery.  Tour the site for some perspective regarding our approach to the art, then check out the calendar for upcoming courses.  If you’re new to the art, you can be confident that we’ll have a bow strung for you.  Our October Beginner’s Course will start on Sunday the 9th.  If you’re advancing in archery, time on the Nowhere ranges is a boon in many regards.  We’re hosting an Advanced Archer’s Clinic on Balance in Form Saturday, September 17th, from 10am to noon.  We’re particularly pleased to offer our first Advanced Clinic on Rhythm;  its scheduled for Saturday, October 1st.  See the calendar for class times and either call or email us to reserve a place for you on the range.
Jonathan and I hope to see you here soon.

newscanCongratulations are due our fine archers for taking part in Nowhere’s first advanced clinics this summer.  Their patience and trust showed beautiful results, as they unwittingly contorted through the tendered riddle of the class, and now more fully understanding that, ‘What William Tell’s of Cupid’s Arrow, advances the Archer’s Game.’*
Thanks especially to our good friends at Fall Line South Field Institute who got us on the road to the Cumberland Plateau this summer, where we met some remarkable students and shared the mystique of archery.

If you’re just learning of us and would like to visit, we encourage it.  Contact us to arrange a time.  If you have any questions not addressed by our site, please do not hesitate to call or email; we’re always ready to field questions concerning our work here.


Steven and Jonathan


Another day hunting the metaphorical Hart…



*Note the fine form…

The wings will have to wait, however, for the next advanced clinic on Rhythm.


3 Responses to Nowhere Archery

  1. abramblett says:

    Love love love! And really, don’t stink up the place.

  2. Ahhh, reality put to pen. I am blessed to have witnessed this amazing Spring with you all! I have truly enjoyed being your learner. Deep bow of gratitude to the Hunnicutt family for having so lovingly preserved the land and to you both for sharing your gifts and continuing the stewardship!

  3. Bill Scurry says:

    An amazing experience

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