Camp Nowhere


Snake weaving, Noketchee.

Sons of the moment.

Kings of Nothing and No One, Kings of Nowhere. 

Spider’s web and climber’s hunt; tension to & from center. 

The calm wind, the lit fire, earthen clays, & waters sent. 

Home again at last. Masters of the land we become. 



Beloved Land – 5 Days, 1 Night                                                                                                        & a new world to rediscover



By water and earth 

By wind and fire

A summer journey

Into the heart of the land.





A resonance of wonder lingers from our inaugural camp last summer, entirely due to the terrific kids that struck that fine chord.  We are immeasurably pleased to offer two camps this summer, in June and July, before concluding the season with a mountain outpost camp for our Rovers.  Archery remains our unifying theme at Camp Nowhere, centering the daily pathway’s we’ll take into the Beloved Land.  For campers new to archery as well as for those more versed in the art, we’ll hone and advance our skills while engaging some of the more interesting demonstrations, craft and insightful wonders of this ancient tradition.  Our daily ventures will rally the senses, fortifying artistic sentiments to link earth lore and plant studies with woodcraft and art.

4 Pathway’s:

Day by Water:


Noketchee Creek streams through the heart of Nowhere Shire showcasing some of the wonders of this element.  The streams natural history and art will inform our inquires as we encounter the creatures particularly suited to this domain––crawfish, salamanders, frogs, snakes, turtles.  Like poets, we’ll draw from mythic insights of older traditions, giving us an imaginative springboard to use in our explorations.

Day by Earth:


A journey into the heart of the Beloved Land.  We’ll take local guides as we encounter them to learn about the “wild” residents of forest and field.  Our ventures will be enriched in drawing on the meaningful wells of myth and local lore to engage the insightful eye.  Deep deposits of natural clay along the creekside will give shape to some artistic endeavors. 

Day by Wind:


Going vertical!  Taking our cue from the birds, we’ll leave the grassy bottoms for the hills and trees, repurposing our opposable thumbs to encounter the Shire from above.  The skyward aspiration of this day includes kites, frisbees and other crafted flying objects.  Our windplay includes musical sound explorations found in whistles, makeshift flutes and voices or struck from drum and string. 

Night by Fire:


Heat and light converge when we establish a campsite hearth to greet the nightland Shire.  Following an archery tournament and a sundown meal, we’ll roam the dark & mysterious country to meet some of its native residents.  To fireside we’ll return and engage the timeless legacy of storytelling before drifting into dreamland sleep.

♦ ♦ ♦  A word on the instructors:    About 10 years ago, Steven and Jonathan began a journey of rediscovery throughout the upper Oconee river basin, aiming to encounter the living wonders unique to the region.  The land was held in highest regard by the Native Americans who knew it best, designating the region as “Beloved”; learning this, ignited a search to comprehend why.  By footstep and paddlestroke, Jonathan and Steven found a story-telling country striving to share secrets with the curious mind––the insightful heart.  These ventures, in tandem with a passion for archery, prompted them to share the treasury and new arts of discovery; Camp Nowhere is part of this effort.


                                In 2013, Jonathan and Steven founded Nowhere Archery in Athens, Georgia; a field school dedicated to learning, teaching, promoting and perfecting the art of archery.  The school constitutes their vision of a more comprehensive and insightful approach to life on the range and off.

Contact us to arrange for a visit; we welcome your questions, comments and insights.


Camp Reservation



Camp Nowhere

June 17 – 21 / Camp Day: 9am to 3pm. Thursday overnight camp.



Camp Nowhere

July 15 – 19/ Camp day: 9am – 3pm. Thursday overnight camp.