The Art of Letting Go…

Cycles, like the rise and fall of ocean tides, come and go.  Obvious as this is, we’re prone to resent the fact, in favorable circumstances, to the point of illusion.  Things and situations that reach to us through intention and struggle often become “objects” of devotion; we give them the possessive pronoun, while in moments of clarity, we might see them as barriers to growth––limitations on creative evolution.   DSC07565

In the archer’s praxis, we spend effortful time with the draw––to “get it right.”  Focused so, we may forget that the draw’s resolution is found only in the release.  More often than not, there’s residual fear as the new archer “stands” on the precipice of “letting go.”  The archer might “freeze,” which is entirely reasonable considering the tactile sensation of the bow’s resistance––a wonderful potency in held potential.  The fear has an inverted twin which triggers haste, and the arrow launches from a careless hand.

The whirlwind of tension that rises with the draw, is tethered at anchor-point––eye of the storm.  For the attentive archer, a dynamic stillness can be here found.  Its a fortunate encounter, an actionless instant––bud to bloom––when an arrow flies with kinetic vibrancy, with breath, with life; its profound to notice.  On the Archer’s Green “there” becomes “here” again, when intention’s arrow meets destiny’s Mark.

0 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go…”

  1. A Timely Post for these terrible times: The Praxis of Letting Go is the Ki to making our Mark. Thank you !

  2. A Timely Post for these terrible times: The Praxis of* Letting Go* is the Ki to making my Mark . This is a huge help in dealing with my dilemma. Thank you so much for these wonderful post . my friends recovery is very slow,maybe years. but one day i’ll join you for those lessons.In the meantime I Praxis daily . thank you my friend, danny

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