Young Archer

Sabrina steadies her bow.

Sabrina steadies her bow.

Foundations in the Art of Archery

Recommended Ages:  Seven to eleven.

Most students that join us here at the Shire share wonderful tales of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, Summer Camp, or in the backyard shooting the bow.  Usually the stories are accompanied by two things.  One is slapping your arm with the string leaving a welt the size of a football on their precious arms. The second is a sense of awe and love remembering the practice of archery. Fortunate are we to be able to offer youth and/or family classes.

This class is an abbreviated form of our regular class.  Students will work with developing Form, Rhythm, and Aim.  We emphasize the tenets of safety, balance, and patience while encouraging our young friends to have a fun time with this new and old experience.  Our January youth course begins on Saturday, the 20th; the second class will be the Saturday following, giving our young archers 4 hours of fun and insightful instruction.  March Youth course begins on Saturday, the 17th.

Expect some interesting challenges and games during our time together.  Please see the Calendar for class times.


Holding Strong

Our standard course fee is 90$, or 45 per class.
School, youth group & family rates are available.  Contact us for arrangements.

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