Course Method


Nowhere Archery cultivates a traditional approach in the use of the recurve and long bow.  Our aim is to ground students in their use with poise and proficiency from which they may more deeply encounter and explore the vast range of this royal art.

Our beginner’s course covers six and a half hours of instruction, portioned over three consecutive Sunday afternoons; in other words, three 2 hour classes compose our beginner’s course.  Our teaching method is a confluence of three currents which guide consecutive classes:

Form:  Foundation for the art.

With a growing awareness of balance and poise, the student learns to “take her stand” accepting responsibility for the post and range. Attention supported hands are ready to lift the bow and draw the arrow with deliberation and grace. These are foundational parameters forming the archer’s platform.

Rhythm:  Music of the art.

A dynamic extension of poise in a rhythmic awareness of time. Moving along the current of his own rhythm, the student explores the relationship between tension and ease, hold and release.

Mark:  Aim of the art.

The fruition of the archer’s dynamic encounter with stillness aligned with a clear and comprehensive view of the target.  “Making the mark,” seals the practice and fulfills the art.


Scheduling and fees:

Our beginner’s course is generally held over three consecutive Sundays.  Each two-hour class, outlined above, can be found listed on our schedule page.  The course fee for students is 120$ or 40$ per class.  For families of three or more we offer a discounted rate. In addition, our two-class youth course for ages 7 to 11, are generally scheduled on Saturdays.  Our fee for this course is 90$.

Advanced Archery and Beyond

We’re currently offering Saturday clinics for advancing archers.  Please refer to the menu bar for details on method and our event calendar.

For Students who’ve completed the Beginner’s Course, we host a weekly rendezvous to hone your skills, sharpen your release, and enjoy the fellowship of archers.  The gatherings alternate Wednesdays and Saturdays.  See our calendar for dates and times.

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