Descending Arc of the Rainbow Year

Dear Rovers, Archers, Friends,

This year the introspective nature of Autumn bears the gravitational tragedy of a global
pandemic, strengthened with a score of uncertainties that linger. For many of us, no
matter the age, its been a lonely year and so its with the lonely at heart that this
newsletter comes out to you. Considering all that has transpired in recent months, if we
were to distill the message we’d most like to hear, its probably on the order of, “Help is
on the way;” a pledge of simple clarity which would resonate like a grand bell chiming
in a mid-winter morning. We offer these words to you, and repeat them, “Help is on
the way.”

So many of you have been on “our way” this year––thank you!. The help, trust and
support you offer nourish a confidence that our little archery school plays a creative role
with a touch of healing grace in our hometown. More than that, you inspire us to look
ahead, to possibilities emerging in the light of incoming dawns. Consider this an
invitation or a challenge to share your thoughts, your visions and aspirations in archery
and in this beloved life––it would clearly amplify our own.
On the Range,

Stevn & Jonathan

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