A(Spire): Constructive Interference

Radiant light, soft as a feather, flowing, descending, with cool breeze – the wind sweeping succulent warm flower’s charm in subtle coolness. Drummer sings and tall grasses dance – silver slivers of light joining all to one. The smell, the light, “buzz-buzz” & “sheeeooohh”. Snaking vines ascending in spiraling arcs ever upwards, the heights broken by sapsucker rings like primordial tattoos. Who sips from these forms? All the while mosquito sucks – comfort denying & body reminded. Laughter – an echo of pure lightness. The leaves turn, emerald green to faded yellows, the brown crunch under tiny sneakers. Fly, “fly onwards”, “Where do we go?” – Indeed.

After School Ruminations

Thank you to all our Rovers, parents, friends, families, neighbors, bloggers, and archers new to the practice for making this chaotic season a reminder of what is possible. May we all continue forward in peace.

2 Replies to “A(Spire): Constructive Interference”

    1. Thank you, needed now for sure, karma works is wondrous ways that i should have met you, i greet my Tree every morning with a thankyou to you and your wonderful wisdom of NowHere,Praxis and Art which i have tweaked to a mantra for me of, NowHere Aikido, Praxis of being Open , the Art of Living Well. I’m still taking care of my friend so it may be quite a while before i can come to visit, learn and play but one day i will, till then stay safe . Thank you for sharing. danny

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