SunDog Howl

Our Shire New Year ignited with a late afternoon sundog and a contorting rainbow which resolved into an convergence of opposing arcs. Simmering in a stew of pinks eluding definitive names, the sun became lost in a skyfield of purest, colorless light––like a radiance “behind the sun.” Disarmed before the visionary scene, we reclined in winter’s meadowgrass and in silence.
Imagination’s dominion selects fine tealeaves from the harvest of this occasion. We’ll share a cup when you come; the taste will say it all.

2 Replies to “SunDog Howl”

  1. Thank you, i will take you up on that tea one day but now here taking care of my friend and thinking always of my archer friend helping me with my dilemma , now here with the praxis of letting go ,thank you . danny

  2. “And I say, yes, I feel wonderful tonight” Eric Clapton – “Behind The Sun”/”Wonderful Tonight” Helsinki 1985

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